Law-Firm Vision, goals and plans

Vision, goals and plans


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rating_star Vision, goals and plansrating_star Vision, goals and plansrating_star Vision, goals and plansrating_star Vision, goals and plansrating_star_blank Vision, goals and plans
The most important factor in achieving any success is to formulate and specify goals accurately. Targeting is the most important factor in moving forward and creating the future. The goals are to determine the life path of an individual, an organization, or an institution.

Georgia Service, a Georgia based law firm, was established to meet the legal needs of Iranians residing in Georgia and to build trust and credibility among their clients. The most pressing issue for Iranians residing in Georgia is insufficient knowledge of the terms of business or laws in Georgia that the Georgia Service Law Institute has had a good track record of satisfying its Iranian clients.
Georgia Service Goals and Outlook

Become a cohesive corporate legal counseling center for the legal protection of individuals and companies established in Georgia.

Georgia Service Activity Plan
  • Georgian law firms with excellent background in providing legal advice, legal and contractual services
  • One-year subscription agreement with individuals and companies to provide legal services and legal representation
  • Preparation and regulation of all domestic and international contracts
  • Preparation and adjustment of various types of correspondence and contracting agreements in accordance with the laws and regulations
  • Provide advice on various stages of contracting including steps: negotiation, concluding
  • Answer legal questions by phone, email and letter
  • Doing all the business of non-commercial corporations
  • Trademark registration and brand registration internationally
  • Accept all legal work
  • Proper financial and investment advice according to Georgian law
  • International personal and corporate law services
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