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Personnel Residence Georgia

  • Staff Residence in Georgia


    Investigating Staff Residence in Georgia

    xGeorgia Service in this post deals with the process of filing an employee residence permit. Many dear compatriots may be confused during the process of filing a residence permit, so in this post we will explain the steps and details of the Georgian stay through the staff.

    As stated earlier, obtaining a Georgian residence permit can be done through a variety of methods, one of which is Georgian employee residence.
    Georgia Employee Residence Record

    At a Georgian resident's residence, the residence applicant is identified as an employee of a reputable company with high bank credit and proper tax account and a fully formal (not formal) contract is arranged for him / her and a one-month tax to the tax system of the country. Georgia paid.


    1.The first step is to file a case with the applicant, which includes translating the passport and arranging the person's contract with the company in question.
            Note that an applicant must apply for a residence permit within 6 days of submitting his / her legal visa before submitting his / her residence permit to the Georgian Department of Justice, otherwise he / she will have to pay a fine of 5 lari.

     2.   After submitting your application, if you have less than 2 days left on your visa, you must stay in Georgia for at least 2 days to have your case reviewed and your residence permit resolved on the online system of public service after 5 days. If yes, you can apply for a card at this stage in the Georgian Justice Building and submit a photo to the bidder and you will receive your card within 7 days.

    The nature of Georgian employee residence files

    Note that the core nature of Georgian employee residence permits is formal and legal because your residence permit will be submitted to the Georgian Justice Department for further review and decision making, but the formality of these contracts is by no means debatable. Specific cases for applicants who have not currently emigrated to Georgia may result in their absence being a formal mentality of such contracts, but note that specific legal letters will be provided for such cases and there may be a problem until now. It has not come.


    georgia_residency Personnel Residence Georgia

                                                                                                  Visa renewal and residence


    The decision-making process in providing applicants with a residence card

    The process of applying for a visa and residence permit all over the world is that by selecting and identifying the officer concerned, the applicant may be granted entry and residence, while the visa and residence officer of a country may also arrange for a person to enter. Does not suit the soil of the country anymore (for various reasons). As you may be aware of studying in another country, you may be eligible for a degree. For example, you may apply for a degree in a specific country in the United States, and may agree to your admission, according to the professor or department in question, but even if you have a degree from the university you may be applying for. Do not let the visa officer present you at the visa application stage.

    So keep in mind that there is no guarantee of issuing a visa or a residence card to a foreign applicant anywhere in the world, but using the right legal procedures and the use of reputable lawyers can make the case more powerful to the residence or embassy in question. He commented and increased the likelihood of receiving a positive response.


    Taxes, taxes and taxes…

    Why do we emphasize taxation in Georgia? Because one of the structural revenues of the Georgian government is based on its tax system. If Georgia grants you residence, you must pay taxes at any stage of your activity, whether you are a manager of a complex or an employee of a Georgian company. Note that one of the important factors in proving that you are a good citizen or resident is that you pay your taxes on time. Note that some people may encourage you to stay and pay no tax after a short period of time, but keep in mind that you need to extend your stay after your stay has elapsed.

Direct contact to the following numbers

legal adviser +995-598852000

Georgian Language Legal Advisor +995-596692000

Investment Adviser +995-5551156655

Contact via telegram, WhatsApp Viber is possible.

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