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Georgia_residency Obtaining a Georgian Residence

Obtain Georgian Residence (Comprehensive Information)

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rating_star Obtaining a Georgian Residencerating_star Obtaining a Georgian Residencerating_star Obtaining a Georgian Residencerating_star_blank Obtaining a Georgian Residencerating_star_blank Obtaining a Georgian Residence

Types of Accommodation in Georgia

Georgian_passport Obtaining a Georgian Residence
  • Stay through company registration
  • Residence Georgia by buying property

  • Residence Georgia through investment
  • Academic Residence Georgia
  • Residence Georgia through marriage
  • Permanent Residence Georgia
  • Conditions for obtaining Georgian passport


First, it should be noted that obtaining a Georgian residence differs from Georgian citizenship. A Georgian residence permit allows you to live on Georgian soil for many years and enjoy all the rights of being a Georgian citizen, except for a Georgian passport and a Georgian passport!

But Georgian citizenship is a permanent and permanent residence of Georgia, in addition to the Georgian passport and the right to vote.

All types of residence in Georgia, from educational and business to investment residence, are now welcomed by Iranians and Indian, Russian and Arab countries, due to their likelihood of joining the European Union, security, political and economic stability and Life is quiet.

    Stay through company registration

You can apply for a residence permit by registering your company in Georgia, this is one of the best ways to obtain a residence permit in Georgia that you are called as an entrepreneur and start a business, however, this requires maintaining an account. And taxes. All purchases you make for the company must have receipts, and it is advisable to make high-value purchases from your bank account so that you can properly calculate and pay for your accounts with a micro accountant. Of course, our consultants will guide you along this path.

Registering a business in Georgia and activating the aforementioned company and obtaining a Georgian residence card within a month, usually a Georgian ID card or ID card, first issued one year and then three and five years later.

For more information on company registration and the different types and models of companies in Georgia, see this link (Company Registration Terms link).


Residence Georgia by buying property

Under current Georgian law, any foreigner can obtain a Georgian residence card for a period of one year and for as long as the property in question is owned by purchasing property for at least US $ 2, without having to register in Georgia or pay taxes. He is a foreign national. The law of residence of Georgia provides you with a good opportunity to buy a property that has not been adopted and implemented by the Georgian Parliament for a very long time, and if you join Georgia in the future you can almost permanently reside in this way. Ran.
It should be noted that obtaining a Georgian residence card through the purchase of a property after six years of renewal will result in obtaining a Georgian passport, although there are certain conditions you can contact our advisors.

For information on how to buy property, prices and apartments in Georgia, see this link (links to ready to sell apartments)


    Residence Georgia through investment

Under current Georgian law, an investor is told to invest at least $ 120,000 directly in Georgia. Those who make less than $ 120,000 in Georgia and intend to obtain a Georgian residency through a company registration are called entrepreneurs. Note that in investment matters you should receive receipts from all that you are spending and your case must be complete, even in cash investment you need to provide your capital information with documentation. Authentic, justified not to consider options such as money laundering by inspectors because the government is very sensitive in these cases, your source of capital should be completely transparent.

It should be noted that the said minimum amount of at least $ 120,000 must be invested directly in the business of the applicant, and the purchase of the property for the company is not a direct investment and obtaining a Georgian residence through the purchase of property is another law. is. Also, this amount must be invested in the real country, and just having the money in the bank account does not mean getting a residency.

The Georgian government has great respect for the investor and offers various opportunities, including: the opportunity to use the information and data of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce to identify investment opportunities in Georgia, the possibility of investigating the participation of some banks. Georgia invests in individual investor projects, granting a five-year residency card or even granting a permanent resident of Georgia to the investor if he or she has a track record of managing and investing elsewhere.

See this link for more information (Investment in Georgia)


Academic Residence Georgia

Those who wish to continue their studies in Georgia can obtain Georgian residency in accordance with the current laws of the country. The residence permit includes the Georgian residence card, which is issued on a yearly basis and will be renewed if the applicant continues to study.

An important point to note here is that if you renew your Georgian residence card for a six-year period, the applicant can apply for a Georgian passport and citizenship the following year, but this is not the case for students. That is, if you are able to get a degree and have been in Georgia for example for 5 years, then the 5 year period will not be considered as a citizenship factor. The next important point is that besides Tbilisi State University, the other four Georgian universities are also approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran and their documents can be evaluated in Iran, due to the rapid and early changes in the laws in Iran, please. Before deciding to study in Georgia, first contact the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology or the Ministry of Health to study in the medical field, and after assuring that you are evaluating your qualifications, start or continue your studies in Georgia until later. Don't.

To apply for a residence permit, you must receive a letter from the training center after you have submitted your application and registration form and complete the application form after completing the required forms. If you do not wish to continue your studies or are expelled from your residence university, you will also be canceled after leaving Georgia for a maximum of 2 days.

 See this link for more information (Study in Georgia)


    Residence Georgia through marriage

Marriage through Georgia includes all persons who marry Georgian nationals, and the Marriage Act in Georgia does not include persons who are Georgian refugees in any way.

Any person, whether married to a Georgian citizen, can obtain a Georgian permanent residence up to one month after marriage by providing relevant documents including a marriage certificate, passport, photo and official application, leading to this permanent residence. Those who marry a Georgian man get married faster and by law, but there is a need for more scrutiny of the men, although the law is one for all because the experience of the Georgian police indicates that most marriages in Georgia are formal, which is why The process for men can take a year or even longer.

By law, up to one year after permanent residence, an applicant may apply for a Georgian passport provided that he or she has full command of the Georgian language in accordance with the new laws and that his or her information on Georgian history and geography is complete as a result of the interview. The passport is being questioned by the immigration officer.

    Permanent Residence Georgia

Permanent residence in Georgia means that the applicant can live in Georgia permanently. But permanent residence is not the same as citizenship or a Georgian passport and they are different.

Permanent Residence in Georgia According to current laws, the applicant can stay, work, live and study in Georgia, but is not a citizen of Georgia and does not have the right to vote and has certain restrictions on obtaining bank loans. Is. For example, the bank lends to Georgian citizens for 20 years, but lends to 5-year residents, as well as a permanent residence card for a Georgian citizen while a Georgian passport is issued to a person in addition to a residence card in Georgian citizenship. The person who holds the citizenship of Georgia enjoys all the rights of a citizen such as: voting rights, getting easier bank loans and more.

According to the current laws of Georgia, only persons with the following conditions can apply for permanent residence in Georgia:

2. Any foreigner who marries a citizen of Georgia may apply for a permanent residence in Georgia one month after marriage. Of course, in this case, it is usually easier for women who marry Georgian men to live in Georgia permanently, and foreign men who marry Georgian husbands are a bit more rigid.

2. Any foreigner who has applied for a permanent residence permit in Georgia for five years after the renewal of his / her Georgian residence card and sufficient presence throughout the year.

Note: There are some exceptional conditions to obtain a permanent residence permit in Georgia sooner and it is a timely tax payment. Given that the Georgian government finances most of its annual budget based on taxes received from the public and corporations, taxation is one of the most important issues for the Georgian government. You can be recognized as a good person for Georgia by paying taxes on time and starting a good and acceptable business, and for example, you can obtain a permanent residence in Georgia for two years.

  • Conditions for obtaining Georgian passport

An applicant for a Georgian passport must meet the following requirements:

1- Has renewed his Georgian residence card for at least five consecutive years.

2- Fluency in Georgian language and thorough knowledge of Georgian history and geography

3-During the period of his stay in Georgia he did not commit a crime and also the lack of background of the applicant in the country of origin by the Georgian police

4- Two Georgian citizens as guarantors must verify the ethics and conduct of the applicant for a Georgian passport. It is important to note that the job and credibility of the guarantors is of particular importance in obtaining a Georgian passport.

Who qualifies for Georgian passport?

Marriage to a Georgian citizen:

In this case, women who are foreign nationals who marry a Georgian man are granted citizenship after one year of their marriage and necessary investigations by the Georgian police and immigration office. Unfortunately, due to collusion in marriage over the past few years in Georgia because of Georgian citizenship, it is usually difficult for men with a Georgian wife to pass a Georgian passport, and this process can even take three to four years. takes.

International athletes:

Athletes who have won medals at the Olympics or World Championships and are placed on one of the first to third platforms, are eligible to obtain a Georgian passport after qualifying for a qualification in that federation. These people do not need to have high requirements and the process of Georgian citizenship is very fast and easy, and even the process may take less than three months.

1- Residents of Georgia:

If a person renews his / her Georgian residence card for five consecutive years in Georgia, he / she can apply for a Georgian passport in the sixth year, subject to the above conditions. It goes without saying that people who set up large businesses in Georgia and paid heavy taxes to the Georgian government during the year succeeded in obtaining a Georgian passport sooner than six years.

2 - Georgian Georgians:

Iranian Georgians, who mostly reside in Fereidan, or Fereidunshahr, can apply for Georgian citizenship. In this case, the passport holder will first be issued a national passport, which is not originally a Georgian passport, and the passport holder will only be able to travel to Georgia without a visa, then two years later. Patriotic and with the above four requirements, a Georgian resident in Iran can obtain a Georgian passport.


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